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​If you are considering going to college or have questions about getting ready to attend, check out these websites: 

  • College Greenlight - (A perfect place to start for students who are the first in their family to go to school) - Link

  • BigFuture - (Great place to start when looking at where to apply to college!) - Link

  • College Navigator (Search for Colleges that Fit a Variety of Criteria that YOU Set) - Link

  • Noodle College Search (College Search with Rankings and Truthful Descriptions) - Link 

  • Niche (Explore college reviews, rankings, and statistics) - Link

  • Best Online Colleges and Universities - Link

Student Resources: What We Do


Finding Interests and Potential Careers

  • My Next Move (Do you know what you want to do for a career? If not, check this out!) - Link

  • Roadtrip Nation (3 Steps to finding unique careers that truly fit your interests) - Link

  • 4 Steps to Deciding on a Career (Undecided on what to do in life? Take a look here!) - Link

  • Career Planner (Job Outlooks for 270 careers) - Link

  • Exploring Health Careers (Interested in a Health Care Career? Check this site out!) - Link

Learning More About Your Career

  • LaunchMyCareer (A great tool for looking at potential majors, careers, etc. specific to careers) - Link

  • (Careers at a glance; user-friendly) - Link

  • Career Outlook Handbook (Career growth and outlook at National level) - Link 

  • (Career growth and outlook at State (TN) level; Just click on Occupation Data!) - Link

Student Resources: What We Do


ACT Prep Tips and Tricks

  • Resources from ACT (These are official resources from ACT to help on the test) - Link

  • How to get a Perfect Score on the ACT (Read this blog post. It's long, but worth it.) - Link

  • 18 ACT "Hacks" to Succeed (Tips for taking and preparing for the ACT) - Link

  • Best ACT Prep Books (If you want to buy a book to practice with, here are the best!) - Link

ACT Practice Tests (Full Test)

  • ACT Academy (Free Questions and Training from ACT for the ACT) - Link

  • ACT Prep Websites List (PrepScholar's list of  websites to recommend (Not all are free!) - Link

  • Free Graded ACT ( has a free ACT to take that is pretty useful!) - Link

  • Tennessee Electronic Library ACT Resource (Free ACT Prep w/study guides & detailed answer explanations) - Link

  • McGraw-Hill Free Practice (Check out these practice test PDF's) - Link

Student Resources: What We Do


SAT Practice Tests (Full Test)​

  • Collegeboard Practice Tests for ACT (Official SAT Practices from the Collegeboard) - Link 

  • 4Tests SAT Practices (Practice tests for the SAT from 4Tests) - Link

Student Resources: What We Do


FAFSA Links and Resources

  • FAFSA Website (Not available until Oct. 1/HOPE Scholarship and Pell Grant) - Link

  • Creating your FSA ID (Your FSA ID is used as an electronic signature on the FAFSA) - Link

  • Retrieving your FSA ID (Forgot your FSA ID login info? Follow this steps to regain access) - Link

  • Financial Aid Help (Tips, tricks, and other helps written by parents for parents!) - Link

  • Decoding Financial Aid Letters (How to decipher a financial aid letter; just click the arrows) - Link

  • 8 Steps to Filling out the FAFSA (Making filling it out a little easier) - Link

  • Annuity- Student Financial Literacy (Learn about scholarships, grants, loans, how to choose a college, and more!) -Link

Student Resources: What We Do


Free and Reliable Scholarship Searches

  • Scholarship Informer (Resources for Finding Scholarships) - Link

  • (Free ACT Prep, Scholarship Search, Resume Help, etc.) - Link

  • College Board (Free Scholarship Search Tool) - Link

  • Department of Labor Scholarship Search (Free Scholarship Search Tool from the Department of Labor) - Link

Free Third-Party Scholarship Searches

  • FastWeb (Free Scholarship Search that Customizes to Your Information) - Link

  • CollegeMapper (Free Scholarship Search with easy searches) - Link

  • Unigo (If you want money and like writing short stories/essays, this is free money for you!) - Link 

  • Imagine America (A reliable resource for scholarships!) - Link

  • DoSomething (A Financial Aid resource for undocumented students!)- Link

Student Resources: What We Do


  • Annuity- Financial Literacy (Learn how to manage money from now until retirement) -Link

  • ELFI- How to get a scholarship (Learn about different types of scholarships and tips to improve your chances of winning)- Link

Student Resources: What We Do


  • ELFI- How to start preparing for college (Things you can do as a high school student)- Link

Student Resources: What We Do
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