NiswongerCARE Advisor


Phone: (423) 820-0215

Schools Served:

Elizabethton High School,

Sullivan North High School,

Tennessee High School

Growing up in Gray, Tennessee I learned early on the importance of education. My parents, both being teachers, gave me glimpses into the professional life of education. So, between school and home, I was surrounded 24/7 by teachers and the field of education. 

I was a senior at Daniel Boone High School when I had to make my decision about college. I labored over this decision for the entirety of my senior year. I went back and forth between schools, and went on a ridiculous nineteen college visits between junior and seniors years. Finally, in May, my decision was made. I learned that I was accepted into the Honors College at ETSU with a discipline in History. I was officially going to be a Buccaneer. 

I spent four years at ETSU, and double majored in Political Science and History. For the entirety of college I wrestled with what I would do when I “grew up”. My favorite two subjects were history and government, and so that’s what I stuck with.

At ETSU I participated on ministry teams with The Well – Campus Ministry, and served the ETSU campus through various activities and events. I am ETSU basketball obsessed, and you can find me at Freedom Hall every gameday. ETSU was a wonderful home for me, and I can talk about it for hours if given the opportunity. 

After graduating, I still was unsure of my next steps. A few months after graduation I received a call that I had gotten this job – an opportunity to serve high school students with everything needed to set them up for their college careers. I love working with high school students and presenting them with all the countless options they have before them. My most favorite thing is to speak to classrooms about colleges and career. I took it upon myself to specialize in the most confusing part of college – financial aid. I love to sit down and go over all financial options with students, and show them where their money will be best spent!

In my spare time, I am a MASSIVE Lord of the Rings fan, and often you’ll catch me at home watching YouTube videos on the Tolkien mythos. I am obsessed with history, particularly the Civil War and World War One. 

I am also a newlywed! I got married on June 22, 2019 to my beautiful bride, Macy.